About Us

Klper India was formed in the year of 2016 to create a path between buyer and seller in real manners. The vision of Klper is to be a most reliable e-commerce system where buyer and seller both can full fill their buying and selling requirements.

 In klper we believe that the innovation is a key of success and the possibilities of improvements in every sector is always available, important is to seek all available path to reach at desired goal. We have fully dedicated management team which is regularly focusing to find ways to facilitate needs of buyers and sellers.

We are here to adopt all the coming changes in terms of market, buyers and sellers with open arms. Each and every change coming to us is a opportunity to create new path reach at satisfaction level of our buyers and sellers.

In klper we believe in Team Work, Smart Work and Dedication. `where every team member share their ideas and feedbacks which helps klper to design innovative operational strategy which keeps klper apart from others.

In klper we exactly commit what we provide. Honesty is one of core value of klper. We have a very well define set of policies in klper to facilitate its users (Buyers and sellers). 

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